Hey hey hey all my lovelies!! I know I’ve been pretty off and on here on the blog (life has been a mess lol) but I’m happy to say I’M BACK and ready to start BLOGGING again!!! (also I know I’m posting this a day lateahhhhh! I’m a hot mess lol) 


That being said I have still been READING like crazy (#sleepdeprevation #onemorechapter) and have to update you on SO MANY books because omg there have been so. many. good. books out *ahhhhhhh*!!! 


What I recently finished: 












Dream Spinner by Kristen Ashley – So sooooo good!!! I adored Hattie and Axel and its safe to say I’m obsessed with this series now!! *heart eyes*. I’m a sucker for any book with an artist or dancer and an overprotective hero. 10/10 swoon factor here!!!


Scandalous Desires by Elizabeth Hoyt – LOVED this one as well!!! The plot was so action packed and angsty I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!! Not to mention a pirate love interest who heart softens for his girl — ahhhh give. me. more.!!!

What I’m currently reading:

Dream Keeper by Kristen Ashley – Already loving this one!!! Auggie is such a softie and Pepper is the sweetest. I’m invested and prepared to loose sleep. 

What I plan on reading next: 

Dream Chaser by Kristen Ashley – I’m addicted to this series (I’m also reading it out of order because my library only had the third one at the time #hotmess) therefore I simply NEED the second one because Lottie and Bo seem AHjhjhdjdh – Need. It. 


Thats all for now my lovely reading flowers. Read any of the above comment below! What are you all currently reading? Lets chat in the comments below!!!


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