The Chase

By: Elle Kennedy 

Rating: 5/5 stars

My Review:



Ok here me out my bookish loves – this book was not what my book loving brain expected – seriously. It took me by surprise in multiple/many ways I was simply not expecting. That being said once I got my bookish brain wrapped around the magic that is this book I simply could not put it down for the life of me. We skipped snack breaks. We skipped break breaks. This book was superglued to my hands until I reached the final page that how fantastically magical it was.

Like my bookish lovelies reading this book was like sipping a cup of warm comforting familiar tea. You felt like you’ve already met the characters in real life, you felt like you were already friends with them, heck this whole book was like I was on one long FaceTime session. SO. GOOD.

First off I ADORED the characters in this book *claps* they were all *chefs kiss* and I never got bored for one second while catching up on their lives. 

To start you have FITZ (we’re gonna need a moment here to appreciate my man Fitz). The expectations were on the floor and in the clouds by the time I was on page 2. Fitz is not your average man. Nope nope nope he is a unique magical character whom I will protect at all costs. I loved how he was an artist – but for video games and actually drew and created his own content. When he would sketch out in the living room I was like this man – this CHARACTER- is GOLD. 

“Oh, I get it. I was wasting my time trying to sell you on her. You were already sold.” His gray eyes light up gleefully. “You have a thing for Dean’s sister.”

And then you have SUMMER who is this kick ass, take no shit, super funny fashion major and I am INVESTED. I loved how she had a learning disability and it was actually talked about the different struggles that come with learning in a different way. I loved how much fun her character brought to the book but also how strong she was – how even though teachers would single her out, people would call her names, she didn’t let this take away from her talent and showed how just because she appeared fun loving on the outside it didn’t mean she couldn’t achieve/ succeed in her courses. #badass

“That’s probably just a good rule to live by, though. Always keep part of yourself hidden.”

Not to mention the TENSION IN THIS BOOK – ahhhh let me tell you I was dying. Like needed water. I needed a mini fridge of Figis next to me at all time. The chemistry was absolutely soul melting in this book and I loved how Fitz supported Summer and her dreams. He was there for her where others were lacking and he understood her in a way were she felt seen. I also love how Summer was always there for Fitz in return and how passionate they were and how much they both pushed each other in ways that made them feel alive. So, so goooood!!

“She’s my muse. She’s my laughter. She’s my trigger. She’s my desire. But most of all, she’s my heart.”

Toss in some hockey games, fashion shows, and glamorous charity events and safe to say this book had me flipping through pages at an unreasonable speed. 

Loved this book with every part of me and its safe to say I need the next in there series ASAP!!

5 stars 

What do you guys think? Worth a read? Already read it? Lmk your thoughts in the comments below!!


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