Send Me Their Souls

By: Sara Wolf

Rating: 3.5/ 5 stars 


The finale to the epic Bring Me Their Hearts series reaches its thrilling conclusion, full of intrigue, emotion, and of course romance.

Reunited with Lucien, Malachite, and Fione, Zera finally has the choice of whether or not to regain her humanity and give up her life as a Heartless. But with war raging and an army of valkerax on the loose, she’s never needed immortality more. Will they be able to stop Varia without sacrificing themselves in the process?

My Review:

Ok so those of you who know me know I absolutely loved Bring Me Their Hearts and Find Me Their Bones. That being said while I enjoyed the final book in this series… I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a bit of a let down? 

The first 50% of this book: GOLDEN. Loved it. love. But than the whole thing just got a bit slow and repetitive and I was like where is the ACTION? Where is the SPICE?

I mean the only thing that had me pushing through this was the golden savior of this book: who was Zera herself. Seriously one of my favorite MC of all time. I loved her and will miss her sass and snarkiness like crazy. That being said the romance was bit of let down for me in this book??! Like I loved my boy Lucien in book one and book 2 and while I still loved him in book 3 I just wanted more from him and Zera’s relationship??? 

The ending also left me HANGING like what?? That was it? Your going to leave me there with no explanation to the EVENTS that have just OCCURRED?? Excuse me if I was left baffled in a corner with no precious closure!! 

Overall I just think the plot arc could have used a bit of work but this series is still a GEM and I loved the characters and the whole idea of heartless creatures so so much. If your a lover of this series than I definitely recommend picking up the final book and if you do read it please let me know because I need to discuss the absolute question mark that was that ending!!

Also if you love character driven books than this one is for you 😉 

In all a solid 3.5 star read!

**A huge thanks to Entangled Teen for sending me an E-ARC for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own as I review all advanced copies for free in exchange for my bookish thoughts and reviews!!**


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