Cinderella and the Duke 

by Lydia Drake

My rating: 3/5 stars 

My Review:

This book was such a delight! 

First off I loved how animated and lively both of the characters were. Gregory was impossibly charming an funny in the most outlandish and over the top way and I was HERE FOR IT. Not to mention I loved how sassy and determined Emily was and how she didn’t let Gregory push her around. They’re chemistry was *chefs kiss* and I loved how they both *refused* to get attached to one another even though they were both clearly smitten with one another.

The plot was a little fast paced in the beginning – border line on insta love, but I honestly didn’t mind it because the time was took later on in the book for the two to get to know each other and have their relationship grow.

I loved the witty verbal banter in this book and how the two of them where constantly at one another throats (I am HERE for the pure TENSION this book was giving me). 

Overall this was a delightful historical romance that I quite enjoyed (not to mention the cover is LOVELY) and I’m excited to read more from this author!!!!

3 stars

*A huge thank you to AMARA publishing for providing an ARC for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

What do you guys think? Adding this one to your TBR? Have any historical romance recs? LMK in the comments below!

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