Ok. Hi everybody. Helloo. Welcome, welcome. I know it has been about a dang near CENTURY since I have posted ANYTHING on this blasted blog so I am happy to say I finally managed to carve out a little hole of cheese in my time cloth for some blog posts this month after many moons of holing away working, traveling, and essentially mentally living in bookish lands *waves hello*. 

That being said I thought I’d kick start my belated blog by finishing up this wrap up post thats been stuck in my drafts like honey for far too long *claps hand together* and catch y’all up with what I’ve read/ been reading and what unrealistic bookish thoughts have been crowing my sleep deprived brain!

lets get to it shall we:

Hi again all. Since I feel like I didn’t read a lot during March (a month that seems liked a wicked long time ago) – no to mention March was a COMPLETE bucket full of madness and craziness – I decided I would just lump Marches reads into this little delightful MEGA wrap up here. 

Its safe to also say school did not let up on the gas petal and I am so glad that May is on the horizon because I am ready to DIE during finals and than LIVE during summer. Summer I am ready… please TAKE ME AWAY (preferably to some place tropical please and thank you with fruity umbrella drinks). 

That being said I did do some READING??! I’m actually really surprised with how many books I’ve been loving lately and think its safe to say I finally pulled myself out of my reading slump *thumbs up* 

What I read in March:

The Devil Wears Black by LJ Shen – 4 stars

Another LJ shen book for the win! I really loved Chase Black and Maddie – they were so good together and the chemistry was great. I did feel like this book was a little more watered down than LJ Shen’s other books in the sense that it was a lot less grungy, there was a lot less swearing, angst, and dark stuff  thrown in… in that sense I was almost hoping for more from this book. This one simply read more like a “rom com… but I still really loved it and all the classic LJ Shen elements in this book! Def recommend if your just starting out with her books! 

After We Fell by Anna Todd – 5 stars

Another great Anna Todd installment that was chalk full of all the DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA I have come to expect from her books. This book monster was over 800 pages but damn if I didn’t love every second of it. I am so attached to Tessa and Hardin as characters and that ENDING!! No one does cliff hangers like Anna Todd and I cant wait to get my hands on the next book!!

An Offer From a Gentleman by Julia Quinn – 4 stars

This is my second favorite so far in the Bridgerton series!! I love love loved Benedict and Sophies story!! Honestly the two of them meeting was one of the best scenes I have ever read in a historical romance to date – and this was just such a cute and perfect historical romance! 

A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J Mass – 5 stars – (my review) 

AHHHH THE ANTICIPATED WAIT WAS SO WORTH IT!!! I LOVED THIS BOOK WITH MY WHOLE HEART AND WOULD DIE FOR NESTA AND CASSIAN. Did not expect to relate so much to Nesta’s character and can honestly say reading some parts of this book was painful for me but also healing – and the romance was fire kindling in the tissues of my heart – I was on fire in only a way SJM can set me aflame and I LOVED this book!! Off to go die waiting for book 5…


What I read in April:

Me forgetting everything I read in April and having to check Goodreads aka my memory:

that being said I just checked Goodreads and it looks like I did a shit ton of reading in April *thumbs up* I mean hey, go me I guess? April be out here making my June and July wrap ups looking like shallow kitty pools. 


 Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalo – 4 stars – 

Well this book was a lovely little snack of a surprise. Seriously guy this book was dang good. Not to mention *ahem* Thomas Cresswell just may have well stolen my heart the cheeky little fictional ass that he is 😉 I mean if you adore a good murder mystery, sherlock holmes flavored book croissant than I highly recommend this little darling filled with just the right texture of mystery, action, and just a hint of slow burn give me MORE romance!! (already read the second book and this series is turning out FAB!)

House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig – 4 stars

HOLY SHIT THAT ENDING. Like thats it thats the review. Because this book was looking a whole lot like a 3 star until the last 100 pages or so gave me whip lash from how quickly it all turned around, backwards, and upside-down. This book was surprising to say the least and I loved the twelve dancing princess elements (the childhood Barbie lover in me was crying), dark mystery elements, and a surprisingly really good romance??! I can see what all the hype about this one was y’all. So good. 

A Game of Fate by Scarlett St.Clair – 5 stars

Is this the same book as A touch of darkness but Hades POV? yes. Did I still read it anyways? Also yes. No surprise I loved this one here, adored seeing everything from Hades POV and it just goes to show how much I loved the plot line in A Touch of Darkness that I was willing to re-read it again in Hades head/POV. This series is so amazing and I ADORE ADORE Hades and Persephone!! 

The Duke Heist by Erica Ridley – 2 stars

UGH. Ok so I hardly rate books 2 stars but this one just hit me wrong like a bad plate of sushi from the gas station. Like UGHHH I just hated how the guy keep saying she wasn’t good enough for him like the whole book and then all the sudden decides its ok for him to have treated her that way THE WHOLE time because he decides on a whim “oh wait i’m actually an idiot and want to marry you” …. like um excuse me no. just no. 

The Rogue of Fifth Avenue by Joanna Shupe – 4 stars –

MY FAITH IN THE HISTORICAL ROMANCE GENRE HAS BEEN RESTORED. I actually really liked this book from Joanna Shupe (my first read of hers). The characters were great. The romance was steamy. The plot line engaging (although not wow worthy). Overall really liked this one and of course immediately had to continue the series!!

The Prince of Broadway by Joanna Shupe – 5 (6) stars

OH MY GOD THIS BOOK WAS A SLICE OF HEAVEN Y’ALL. It was like the author looked into my mind and created the PERFECT characters for this one. Like seriously I loved it!!! If you love the dynamics between a casino owner and the mysterious woman who turns his head for reasons he simply cannot fathom than you will LOVE this book!! I also love how Clayton adores Florence and doesn’t stomp out her fire but rather kindles her reckless flames and lets him in to his dark world… just so AMAZING and so FRESH for a historical! Love!

Bully by Penelope Douglas – 5 stars

OMG THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING. Simply amazing. As my first Penelope Douglas its safe to say this book did no disappoint. The emotions in this one were so raw, the storyline so gripping, and omg my heart was just on fire the whole time and I could not put this book down. Cannot wait to continue with the rest of this series. 

The Wreckage of Us by Brittainy Cherry – 3 stars

Eh. This book was ok. The plot line was sweet but I was expecting more complex characters and the book to be sexier… and it just really didn’t deliver on those fronts?? However this book is really good if you like family focused plot lines and soft angst rather than heart bleeding books (which I seem to favor … love that for me!!) overall it was an ok read and I think I actually already gave this book away lol. 

What I Watched:

The Originals – Season 1 and 2 – 

yes I’m rewatching one of my favorite shows of all time. Yes it is the third time I am rewatching it. #noshame.

One Tree Hill – Season 1 and 2 – 

Another rewatch (if anyones watching anything new and loving it please let your girl know bc she needs some RECS!). Of course still amazing. I love one tree hill and Nathan has my HEART and you cannot change my mind!!


In all… 

Looking back I read some FIRE books in March and April along with a couple bad apples and flavorless pies but hey you cant win them all I suppose. But enough of all that what is everybody else reading at the moment? Anything good? Anything fabulous? Read any of the books above? Please tell me your thoughts!! I need to know!!

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