Hola my lovely reader friends!!! 

I’m going to keep this intro a little bit more brief than usual because work has been keeping me so busy I can barley breathe (thankfully I have still found time to read *thanks the bookish gods*) 

Anyways on to the books I was able to squeeze in during the work madness……

Books I Read in June:

Twisted Bonds by Cora Riley – 5 stars – 

I love this series and I LOVED getting more of Nino and Kiara!! Cora Riley writes the best mafia books and this one was no exception! Read this a whole month ago and still find myself thinking about it – so so good!

Yours Truly by Abby Jimenez – 5 starsmy review

AHHHHH THIS BOOK IS A GEM!!!!! James is the love of my life and this book had me simultaneously swooning, laughing out loud, and crying. This book was an emotional bullet to the heart and I am not apologizing for it. 

Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez – 3 stars

This book was okay. For some reason I could not find myself connecting to the characters even though it was cute at times (probably because I read this one after Yours Truly and nothing can top my King James *swoons*) still a solid book that I would recommend overall! 

Lover Eternal by JR Ward – 5 stars

THIS SERIES IS GOLDEN. I love every book in this series so far and Mary and Rhage were just AMAZING in every way possible. I love the supernatural elements in this, the in depth character connections, and multiple POV’s just take this series to a whole new level. Not to mention the pure heart destructive emotions these books bring out in me have me crying tears of devistation from the pure level of investment I have in these characters. So SO good!

Lover Awakened by JR Ward – 5 stars – 

Another book for the win!! This series just more and more layered every book in and I adored the dark layers to this book. It was hard to get through at some points due to how heavy emotionally some of the scenes weighed on me but I loved Zsadist with every fiber of my being and could not put this book down. This series is so so good!!

Lover Revealed by JR Ward – 5 stars – 

BUTCH my favorite!!! I love love loved Butch and Marissa in this. I had been waiting for Butch’s book since book one and it is safe to say this one did not disappoint!! I love how overprotective each male character is in this series and the side plots of all the other characters in this one wove together a story filled with action, love, danger, and thrills that had my small heart pounding out of my chest – LOVED it!!! 


The Rebel and the Rake – 3 stars – 

Sadly this one also fell flat for me. I ADORED Emily Sullivans first book in this series (the ANGST in the book *cries*) but I found myself sort of disinterested in this plot about halfway through and not really caring about the outcome towards the end of it…. however I do still want to read her last book just to see how she ties everything up!

Books I Read in July:

Thorne Princess by LJ Shen – 5 stars – 

I missed my queen LJ Shen. This book was amazing. I loved how messed up Ransom was and I missed the classic a-holes LJ Shen is so good at writing. I also really connected with Hallie and loved her character development throughout this. The angst was as always unreal and I love how each and every one of her books is so out of the box and manages to surprise me and make me fall in love every time. So good! Highly highly recommend! 

The End Zone by LJ Shen – 4 stars – 

This was a cute, short novella of LJ Shens that I managed to read. It was cute and steamy but no real surprises here – I enjoyed it though and loved the bonus epilogues from some of her past books at the end! I will read anything LJ Shen writes haha!

Lover Unbound by JR Ward – 5 stars

Another solid win for this series. While not my favorite in the series I still loved this book all the same. One of my favorite series of all time. 

Flawless by Elsie Silver – 4 stars – 

This book was so good!!! I love this series and I love how fun and addicting each character is to read about! I still think Heartless is my favorite in the series so far but still really really enjoyed this book! (reminded me of The Longest Ride but in the best way) amazing!

Forever Never by Lucy Score – 5 starsmy review

THIS BOOK THIS BOOK THIS BOOK!!!! ahhhhh let me introduce you folks to the book that is responsible for putting me into a gauging reading slump *queue drum roll* I came into this with negative expectations only to have them blown out of the water in every way possible. I loved Brick and how solid, sturdy, and dependable he was. I loved the small town aspects of this. The way they were both mutually obsessed with one another (my WEAKNESS). I also was pleasantly surprised by the uniqueness of the Remi’s artistic abilities and how she saw auras of songs and used them to inspire her paintings. I also loved the romantic suspense elements in this and was WHOLLY invested by the end!!! AMAZING AMAZING!!!

Falling Embers by Catherine Cowles – 4 stars – 

This series is so cute and comforting. While I think Calder and Hadley are my least favorite couple so far I am a sucker for small town romance and anything borderline overprotectiveness …. and this book served both of those up on a platter I could not stop devouring. Safe to say I found a new series to be addicted to and I am jumping into this rabbit hole head first. 


Any who thats all the books I was able to devour so far this summer!! What about you all? Read anything good this summer? Have any summer reading plans or recs? LMK in the comments below!


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