Hey there my bookmark hoarding friends! I hope 2021 isn’t treating you too terribly so far… but most of all I hope your TBR’s are exploding and your ability to consume fabulous books is on point 😉

Since I wasn’t able to post a wrap up for last month (time just slipped through my fingers like sand. Honestly couldn’t tell you what even occurred in December) I decided to just do a MEGA wrap up post and include all the book goodies I was able to complete (miraculously) this past December and January. 

So lets get to it! 

What did I actually read in December?? Well I’m glad you asked. By some miracle of the bookish gods I was able to complete a whopping 5 books! (honestly: I can’t believe it myself) 

While I was hoping to read more last month (and was honestly a bit shocked I had read such a small puddles worth of reading material) I did enjoy the books I read which has to go to count for something right??

Books I Read in December: 

The Duke and I by Julia Quinn – 3 stars

Ok so yes, after binging the first 3 episodes of the Bridgerton series on Netflix I immediately found myself seeking out copies of the books…so  when I found this one at a local bookshop I picked it up ASAP ASAP!! There was one scene in this book that appalled me, but other than that it was a great start in terms of world building and characters. So much so that I immediately found myself reaching for book 2. I 100% recommend starting this series if your a fan of the show!!

The Villain by L.J. Shen – 5 stars – 

Another FABULOUS, PERFECT, HEART INFECTING, SOULD CRUSHING favorite from on of my favorite romance authors of all time: L.J. Shen. Cillian just very well might be one of my favorite male characters she has ever written (safe to say I now have a new book BF to add the the ever growing collection) (seriously it is getting out of hand). This was everything I love from LJ Shen and more!! A new forever favorite. 

Devil of the Highlands by Lynsay Sands – 3.75 stars

As a newbie to the ever growing mountain that is historical romance I liked this highlander read very much. It was cute and romantic. However the plot just fell a little flat in terms of pacing at some points for me?? That being said I will definitely still be picking up more Lynsay Sands books because I heard she is one of the top authors to read when it comes to historicals. 

One to Watch by Kate Stacyman-London – 5 stars

WOW. This book took me by surprise. The straight up EMOTIONS I felt while reading this and how much I just utterly connected with the characters in this shocked me. I felt like I was reading about a real person – it felt that real to me. If you love reality tv, the bachelor, or just rom-com, romancy plots in general READ THIS. You will not be disappointed. 

The Bone Houses by Emily Lloyd Jones – 3 stars – 

There wasn’t anything bad about this book. I liked this book. The whole concept of Bone Houses was fascinating and I loved the writing and pacing in this book. However for some reason it just fell a bit flat for me overall??! I liked it but I wasn’t blown away by it. A solid 3 star read. 

Books I Read in January: 

The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn – 5 stars

By far my favorite in the Brigerton series so FAR!! Anthony is the brooding older brother I did not know I NEEDED ughh and Kate is absolutely his perfect match in every way possible. I also loved the family dynamics in this one – can’t wait for season 2 of this beautifulness after I’ve completed the series!! (My Review

Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn – 3 stars

This book was cute. It was Penelope’s story with Colin and I enjoyed it. There just wasn’t much of a wow factor for me, overall it was just “cute”, 3 stars. 

To Sir Phillip with Love by Julia Quinn – 4 stars

This one took me by surprise with how much I enjoyed it and I’ve come to realize that in historicals the broodier the male the more likely I am to fall in love with the book – this was no exception. I loved Eloises story and how Sir Phillip was just trying his hardest to be a better father for his kids. Def my second favorite book in the series so far!

Saga Vol 44 stars

Read the fourth segment in this graphic novel series and enjoyed it! Although I was not a fan of that one GIRL who was trying to get with her husband?!? Like a no from me sweetie. Other than that will probs pick up Vol 5 sometime in the future. 

Dearest Rogue by Elizabeth Hoyt – 4 stars

My FIRST Elizabeth Hoyt book and I must say I was not disappointed!! Dare I even say I’ve found a new author to love?? This book was fabulous because it follows a London socialite (who is the sister of a duke) and who also happens to be blind – which was super interesting – and a dashing ex solider who is HIRED to be her body guard and assist her with her blindness. SO DANG FLIPPIN GOOD!! 4 stars. 

Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff – 5 stars

One word: KAL KAL KAL (did I say Kal?) (aka my new book BF)

A Touch of Darkness by Scarlett St.Clair – 5 stars

OMG OMG OMG this book made me FEEL things. Like I don’t even know why I was so drawn in (I mean besides the obvious which is loving Hades and Persephone retellings #greekgods) but danggg this book made me so emotional and destroyed me. A new forever favorite – my gosh dang it I love this book and still can’t stop thinking about it. 

A Touch of Ruin by Scarlett St.Clair – 4 stars

Ok so this sequel only made me more attached to my newest loveliest OTP and now I have to wait until MAYYY to get my hands on book 3?? Excuse me while I go hide under the covers until this book is released.

What I watched:

Bridgerton (season 1) –

LOVED LOVED LOVED this show!! Season 2 cannot arrive fast enough and if you are a fan of period dramas (think pride and prejudice or Emma) than you simply need to watch this show – like yesterday. 

Blacklist (season 3/4) –

Really loving this dark crime FBI type of show. You know me the darker the show the more likely I am to loveee it. Give me all the drama please. Also that season ending for season 3 *jaw drops* is the show trying to kill me with heart stopping plot twists?? Because it damn well is working. 

The Bachelor (current season) –

OMG the DRAMA in this. Poor Matt his sensibilities are just to delicate for all these crazy chicks. Praying he ends up with Michelle at this point because my boy needs some normal in his life right about now. Plus they are just meant to be. I said what I said. 


In all I’m really happy with my reading over the past two months! January took me by surprise with a whopping total of 8 books?? Don’t even want to know where that time came from. Any who heres to hoping February is just as successful for all of you readers out there… and for those of you who need to here this “GET OFF TWITTER/GOODREADS AND GO READ AN ACTUAL DANG BOOK”

Have a lovely rest of your day my bookish bunnies!!


4 thoughts on “January/December Wrap Up: Books, Reading Goals, and 2021 New Years Resolutions?!

  1. Nice wrap up! I’m sorry you didn’t love the Bone houses but I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed Aurora Rising. I haven’t read Aurora Burning yet but I hope you enjoy it too. A touch of Darkness sounds interesting. I’m adding it to my TBR list!
    Hope you have a wonderful February!

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