Forever Never

by Lucy Score

Rating 5/5 stars

My Review:

Ahhhhh this book y’all. ………..


This. BOOK. *internal squeals of joy* 

I must say my mind is currently somewhere lost in the pacific, blown out of the water. I mean I came into this with my expectations on the floor. Seriously they were below ground level, buried so deep into the core of the earth they might as well have been partying with magma (thats how low my standards were for this read)…. 

and then entered the god that is Brick Callignhan

Safe to say, I came in to this one completely blind with nothing but my senses to guide me and came out glowing like a star from the sheer amounts of straight dopamine this book delivered into my body. (Thank you fictional god who is nicknamed after a brick wall). 

me the entire time reading this book

I mean this book blew me away with its originality and premise: Remi is a famous painter who has the ability to see the colors or auras of songs she listening to. Her paintings have just started to take off and its only when one of her friends ends up in danger that she ends up back in her hometown….. and closer to her old crush/long lost love Brick Callinghan. The two of them are thrown together again after bumping into one another at the local super market…. and Jesus takes the wheel after that!!!

Of course it wouldn’t be me if this book did not have straight up CHEMISTRY between the main characters: (Brick and Remi) *claps* *fans self* I mean this book had my face on fire and my heart a dissolving into a pile of sugar simultaneously. The angst alone in this had me twirling strands of hair out of my head, and me telling my stupid brain NOT TO GET INVESTED because we all know the heart was in truck crushing danger

I mean the straight FIRE between the two. The yearning. The pining. I was a fish lost at sea and drowning with no oxygen waiting for the slightest touch between the two. Hell I was sweating just from the two of them brushing hands for crying out loud. 

Me waiting for Brick and Remi to kiss

BUT…. lets just say the wait was worth it because GOD DAMN. The straight spice that came out of these two was enough to season a lifetime supply of fajitas for crying out loud. 

However, not only was this book a pile of hot flames….but it truly was so much more

I could feel the love between Remi and Brick like it was a tangible thing. And while I admit it might have been a tad much at times, I feel like the plot was really well balanced with a layer of suspense that had me on my toes waiting for the other shoe to drop. I loved the family fights in this book. The very realistic relationship Remi had with her older sister, the love Brick had for his younger brother Spencer, all of which helped shape this book into a layered read I could feel and sink into. I loved the action, the danger, and the level of protectiveness brought out in Brick…. it was all just *chefs kiss*! 

My second read of Lucy Scores (following Things I Never Got Over) and certainly not my last! So good!!!

5 Stars

What about you all? have you read this book? Is it on your TBR? Lets chat in the comments below!




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