Hey everybody – how are we doing? Are we doing groovy? Did we read anything spicy this month? 

I surprising did read some things while simultaneously getting my butt kicked by school and the shock that was this tiny short month being over??

February: Starts

Me: *blinks*

February: Over 

So that about sums up this month and all that happened. Valentines day was equally uneventful this month and I am so happy to finally be done with most of my midterms (I think I have one left??). 

But enough about me – on to what were are all here for – THE BOOKS *claps hands together*

The Silvered Serpents by Roshani Chokshi – 5 stars

Ughh this series!! I love love love!! But Severin you crazy bastard!! That ending left me breathlessly frustrated but the cover for book 3 is GORGEOUS and I can’t waittt. 

Sweetest Scoundrel by Elizabeth Hoyt – 5 stars

Oh my god. Oh my god. One of the best (maybe the best?? ahh) historical romances I have ever read. Asa Makepeace is hands down my favorite man I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading in a historical and omg can he just appear in real life and marry me please?!? Like I’m waiting. 

A Rogue of Ones Own by Evie Dunmore – 4 stars – 

Another breath of fresh air historical romance. Loved how this one felt fresh and modern but also had some fabulous historical flavor to it. Tristan is amazing and I loved the whole “It was always you” aspect to the romance between him and Lucie. Will def be wanting to read the other books from this author. 

After by Anna Todd – 4 stars

I surprisingly didn’t hate this??? But omg that ending ran my heart over with a truck!!! Way to get me invested and than have me crushed all in the span of a breath!! But also *hello* *waves hands* I need more of this toxic trash. 

After We Collided by Anna Todd – 5 stars – 

Wow. This book is a rollercoaster. I went from loving to hating this – to love hating this on multiple occasions. Somehow the petals I picked off the flower while reading this ended up on love?! Maybe I’m crazy, but I love my two idiots Hardin and Tessa and am now attached to these characters. 

In all…

I am happy to say that I am pretty satisfied with how my reading month turned out (especially because a couple of the books I read were over 600 pages (I’m looking at you AFTER and AFTER WE COLLIDED smh) ….but do wish I had gotten around to reading SJM’s new book, A Court of Silver Flames and am hoping I pick it up this MONTH because I JUST HAVE TO OK. 

What I watched:

The Bachelor (current season) – Waiting on the season finale over here. But….. I don’t think Matt is going to pick who I want to safe to say I’m bumming and also disappointed with the male species once again. Sigh. 

Well that its my lovely reader friends! I hope you all had an equally successful reading month and that you read some excellent books during March! Best of luck with the reading goals and go pick up that book!!


2 thoughts on “February Wrap Up: I Read Some Books During the Shortest Month Everrr?!

    • I know I’m surprised myself with how much I’m addicted to the After series right now… although I’m currently taking a break from reading book 3 because the characters are annoying/frustrating me right now haha! Their relationship is toxic for sure – totally understandable that you hated Hardin! I hate him too sometimes! Thanks so much for stopping by Deanna 🙂

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