Hello hello everybody!!! How is your day going?? How is the reading treating you?

Today we are gathered here to discuss one thing and one thing only: *HISTORICAL ROMANCES*

In my experience many people have been more hesitant to jump into the historical romance sub genre than other romance sub genres. As a long time reader (and fan) of both contemporary, fantasy, and historical romance I know that all genres have they’re own personal appeal and quirks. After all thats what makes reading fun – the variety!!!

That being said I feel like historical romances are often the most overlooked sub-genre and simply do not get the credit they deserve! Personally some of the best/most comforting/ most delightful stories I have read have been HISTORICAL ROMANCES. So this is my post shouting to the rooftops on why you should READ HISTORICAL’S *claps* (Especially if you haven’t given the genre a chance!!!)…

Why People Might Be Hesitant to Jump Into the Historical Romance Goodness:

  • The Questionable covers
  • The Stigma that historical romances are only for “old people”
  • Its all “smut” no plot


Why Historical Romances Are Great:

  • The amazing plot lines and multi layered storylines (Believe it or not historical romances actually have typically very unique and diverse plot lines – some of the most unexpected characters and plot twists I have read have actually been in historical romances!!)
  • Many historical romances are actually quite modern in the sense that many of the plot lines have been focused on strong heroine characters, fast paced plot lines dealing with historical issues/movements, not to mention hundreds of new releases are published every year world wide!
  • THE SWOON FACTOR – historical romances just have a way of making you feel all soft and warm inside when your reading them. They are COMFORTING!!!
  • They’re inexpensive. Historical romances are typically priced around $7-9 a book. Making them a significantly more affordable option than most traditionally published romance novels. Not to mention you can often find more historical romance options used for an even lower price at book stores and used online retailers! 


My Favorites:

Wicked and the Wallflower by Sarah Maclean 

This is one of the first historical romances I’ve ever read and it still remains one of my top favorites to this day. An amazing plot-line (think Peaky Blinders meets Bridgerton) and the romance in this is TOP swoon factor. So, so good! 

Sweetest Scoundrel by Elizabeth Hoyt

Ahhhhh I love this book!!! If you want to read a book simply for the sole purpose of swooning over the male character than this is. it. Ava Makespeace is PERFECTION and I love this book to pieces. 

The Prince of Broadway by Joanna Shupe 

Another amazing plot line. If you like gambling, betting, high stakes romances than this is the historical for you. The tension in this book is *chefs kiss* and I love how the two have met each others match in this book!

A Duchess by Midnight by Charis Micheals 

A fairytale retelling that will have you feeling soft and fuzzy all over. This one is a cinderella step sister retelling that will have you simultaneously swooning and laughing all at once – so cute!

In Bed With A Highlander by Maya Banks 

Let me tell you – if you are looking for a series to binge this is it. The characters in this are SO lovable and the romances are all SO GREAT. I read this series soooo long ago and I still remember how much I feel in love with each and every book – highly recommend! 

A Rogue of Ones Own by Evie Dunmore

This is the historical romance enemies to lovers everyone needs in their lives. The banter in this is so great not to mention the pining an yearning and just the subtleties in this book are ahhhhh so so great! Amazing read!

A Kiss At Midnight by Eloisa James

A cinderella retelling done to perfection. I read this forever ago and still remember the unique plot line and the really layered writing. Super unique despite being a retelling – really loved this one!

Seduced by A Scot by Maya Banks 

Another amazing series by Maya Banks. The heroine is deaf and cannot hear anything. Therefore the characters believe her to be incompetent to stupid, but its not until she meets the hero the the truth begins to be revealed… so so beautiful and fascinating. I loved how protective the characters were of one another and the family aspects in this book are great. Amazing, amazing read! 


Anywho what about you all? Ever read any historical romances? Willing to give the genre a try? Lets chat in the comment below!


2 thoughts on “Discussion Post: My Favorite Historical Romances/ Why You Should Read Historical Romances!!!

  1. Great post you have. I do love historical romance and I think people should give them a chance more often. And what is great about it is there is something in the sub genre for everyone. Whether you are looking for authentic historicals or the modern dressed up historicals, there is so much great books to appeal to any reader.

  2. I don’t read too many romance books at all, but historical romance does intrigue me. I am not the biggest fan of Bridgerton but I like it, so whenever I watch it I always think about picking up a historical romance novel after. This list is great for recommendations~~ thank you!!

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