Hello hello my lovely reading angels! How are we today? How are we feeling? How has life been?? If your anything like me then August simply wizzed away on a cloud of smoke because WHERE did that time go?!?! (please let me know if you have found it.) 

That being said I did manage to get away last month… I even took a little trip with my extended family which was really fun – and of course meant I had to bring along some books (I would simply *pass away* without my backup books)…. I even managed to get some sun (with a book in my hand of course)

That being said on to the BOOKS I devoured this past month:


What I Read:

Hidden Waters by Catherine Cowles – 5 stars – 

This series is like biting into a soft, warm, comforting cupcake while the fireplace roars in the background and snow is falling on your windowpane. The epitome of comfort I absolutely adored how protective and caring Beckett was towards Addie down to my core. Addie comes from a very broken and abusive family and Beckett is the towns local veterinarian. The way these two come together had my heart melting and my mind soaring – so incredibly good you will get attached to these characters in the best way, highly recommend! 

The Only Survivors by Megan Miranda – 5 stars

This book was like a freshly lit candle that you had to let burn for five hours before you could blow it out. Incredibly slow burn, deliciously angsty, this book will have you on the edge of your seat after every chapter. This one takes place in the Outer Banks in an abandoned house by the sea that a group of old friends rent every year for a twisted sort of “reunion”… however the same thing that binds them also has the power to destroy them (I wont say much else bc of spoilers)! I do not read thrillers often but I cannot recommend this one enough! The ending blew me out of the water and shattered my mind to pieces. Incredible ride – also highly recommend!!! 

Lover Enshrined by JR Ward – 4 stars

Phury’s story ended up being a lot more depressing and emotionally draining than I anticipated. I did enjoy Cormia and Phury’s romance but boy the sheer ANGST in this book was enough to make me want to pull my hair out with equal parts longing and frustration. However I adore every character in this book with my whole heart and reading these novels is like slipping back into a world I am equal parts entranced and amused by – I love love this series and will 100% be continuing on!

Notorious Pleasures by Elizabeth Hoyt – 5 stars

Ahhhhhh I loved this book!!! This one was so much FUN! Elizabeth Hoyt is one of my favorite authors and this book did not disappoint! Lady Hero is engaged to Griffen’s brother but of course she keeps running into that scandalous brother of his with his sharp tongue and eye for danger… safe to say sparks where flying from page one and was waiting for my book to catch on fire from the sheer heat of it all. I loved the push and pull between Lady Hero and Griffen and the banter in the book is great. Really solid plot line (I was not bored in the slightest throughout) and I loved how this book ended with a nice little bow on the top. So good!

Duke of Pleasure by Elizabeth Hoyt – 4 stars

This book was a bit similar to a red robin retelling if red robin was a women disguised as a man…. so of course I. was. intrigued!!!! I loved getting to read Alf’s story and this book was much more action packed than Elizabeth Hoyt’s other editions in the series. I love how untraditional the romance felt and how Alf quickly became a role model for Hugh’s boys. Really great read I simply love this series!

The Forever of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen – 4 stars

This book. This book my friends. Amazing. Stunning. Simply incomparable. I have recently fell in love with Jessica Soresen’s books and this one is without a doubt added to the pile of amaziningness she has created. I love how compassionate and angsty she writes her characters. How forgiving, and accepting Micha is a Ella and all her flaws and she of his. I also love the mental heath representation in this and how even though Ella is struggling Micha is there to catch her when she stumbles. It’s rare to find someone who matches you so completely and is willing to fight with you rather than walk away and I love how that kind of relationship was portrayed in this book. I am in love and will be reading anther one of Jessica Sorensen’s books ASAP. Amazing. 


September TBR:

My very tentative TBR for September that I may or may not follow…..


Anywho thats all for now my bookish loves! What about you all? Read anything good recently? Have any of the books above on your TBR? Lets chat in the comments below!


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