Hello there my book devouring dragons. How are we doing on this fine Friday?? I cannot believe Fall is just right around the corner… but… you know what that means… MORE COZY READS FOR THE WIN?!??! 

If your anything like me then you love to curl up with a book with all the cozy feelings when the whether starts to turn overcast and the throw blankets start to come out. 

That being said… recently I have been devouring all the small town romances that give me the soft and fuzzy feelings I have been absolutely craving this Fall and the books listed below are currently the ones that have my heart in total mush mode!!!

If your looking for the perfect fall romance to curl up with this season then I highly highly recommend picking up any of the books listed below!! You will not be disappointed ๐Ÿ™‚ 


Hidden Waters by Catherine Cowles

An overprotective vet meets a damaged runaway and will do everything in his power to protect her… not to mention there roommates?!?!? So. good!!

Forever Never by Lucy Score

Small town artist moves back and reunites with an old flame/ long lost crush….. and the chemistry is UNDENIABLE not to mention the angst in this is top notch! Amazing amazing amazing!

Flawless by Elise Silver

Bull rider meets city girl… who just happened to be hired as his new “babysitter”…. need I say more???

Heartless by Elsie Silver 

Hot single dad meets wild red headed Willow…. who just happens to be his new nanny??! Top tier banter, undeniable chemistry, and a father son relationship that will have you SWOONING!!! What more could you need? 

Tattered Stars by Catherine Cowles 

Small town vet meets the sherif who will do anything to protect her once he realizes she is in danger… perfect mix between over protective alpha and absolute softie this book will have you positively melting …. so good!!! 

Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

Grumpy man meets sunshine girl… need I say more??? Not to mention they have a murder to solve…. and somehow they have to solve it together even though they are starting to develop feelings for one another??? So addicting could not put this down!!!

Falling Embers by Catherine Coweles

Another cute small town romance with an overprotective cop… and they have both been in love with each other since they were kids?!? So. Good. 

What about you all? Read any of the books above? Have any cozy recs for fall reading? LMK in the comments below!


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