Hi guys…. I’M BACK. 

*queue the celebrations music

*Random dancing*

Wow has it been a minute since I’ve blogged. And to think my very unplanned hiatus started all the way back in April…. like dang it has been a minute!

Between Quarantine and COVID and online classes starting up its safe to say I have been putting off this blog reboot for far too long. And dang it I MISSED YOU ALL. Its just not the same reading if I can’t rant/rave/review all the bookish gems I steal away and hide in my cave of book filled wonders. 

That being said I am so happy to be back my little lovelies! Setting up this new this new blog has only brought back all those positive feelings I missed having while blogging and I am SO excited to start raving about my books again like SO. EXCITED. That being said they’re are a few updates I need to fill all you book dragons in on:

  1. I switched to a self hosted website!! Guys I did it I finally took the leap from being a blog on WordPress to becoming a .com!! And I am so excited about it! Although I am still trying to get used to this new platform (I’m currently using DreamHost which is an extension of WordPress and allows you to host your very own website – yay!) so bare with me while I figure out the tech thingies that come with this thing (tech stuff typically flies over my head like a blue jay so we gotta stay strong and pray to the tech gods here).
  2. Content is going to take a bit of a turn here on the blog….. so one of the reasons I’ve been putting off producing bookish content for y’all is that I simply DO NOT HAVE TIME smh. It sucks totally sucks, like if I could throw school is a Glad trash bag and buy that one way ticket to the Bahamas trust me I would (the private jet is already on my Christmas list)…. but since I’m broke and currently writing you while eating Top Ramen were gonna have to put the plan on a Pinterest board for now. OK OK I do in fact have a point just let me find it…. *searches brain frantically* THAT BEING SAID I still want to create book content because it is what I LOVE so I will continue to post for y’all (because the bookish world needs reviewers like you and me duh) but it will most likely be REVIEWS and WRAP UP POSTS. This is mainly because those are my favorite posts to write and since I am limited on time I will not have a posting schedule and these posts are great for popping on the blog when I have random book thoughts that NEED to be expressed. (I just cant hold em in ok??) 
  3. TELL ME WHAT ALL THE NEW RELEASES AND BOOKS I NEED TO READ ARE. I have been out of the book blog loop for 7 MONTHS thats a century in bookish years. That being said what is “cool” what is “hip” what are the “SWAG” “YOLO” books I need to read that will suck out my heart, stomp on it, and turn my emotional sanity to dust?? I need all of them please and thank you (did this book destroy my mental health? yes  *rates book 5 stars*). 

—-> Ok so thats just a little update about where my head is at with the blog reboot (IK my head is a mess but its just so boring having together all the time I need to let it breathe). Soooo onto the BOOKS.

How did I keep what limited sanity I had before Quarantine you ask? The answer is simply that I simply spent every waking moment embedded in fantasy worlds and in the heads of sexy and dark fictional characters *clasps hands* duh. 

And what are some of said “sexy must have currently living in my head rent free” books you ask? Allow me to put you onto to some books you need in your life (if you have already read these please fan girl with me in the comments) 

  1. Rhapsodic (The Bargainer #1) by Laura Thalassa

5/5 stars 

If you are looking for a fantasy romance, please, look no further. These characters are sass, they are snark, Callie the MC is just SO darn flippant and sarcastic I cannot with her!! Also the romance is *chefs kiss* – binge read this whole series and have NO regrets!! 

2. From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout

4/5 stars 

If you want a book that will suck away all your time, make you hardcore swoon over a guard named Hawk, and then destroy your mental health with the last 100 pages than LOOK. NO. FURTHER. Seriously this book messed me up (and of course book 2 is on my Amazon wishlist don’t look at me like that – I gots to know answers!!) 

3.The Bridge Kingdom by Danielle L. Jensen

5/5 stars 

OMG this ending killed me. If your looking for me I go under the name Deceased now. Legit finished this two weeks ago and am simultaneously thrilled and terrified to pick up the sequel. Wish me luck ahh. 

4. The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi 

4/5 stars 

Ok I am literally in this for Severin and Laila – You cant change my mind. Those two are magic and SIZZLING angst and my romance addicted brain NEEDS more. Also the sequel is now published??? Need it like yesterday. 

5. Wicked and The Wallflower by Sarah Maclean 

5/5 stars 

Ok ok y’all I have jumped onto the Historical Romance train with no plans of hopping off. That being said this one is not only one of my FAVORITE ROMANCES it just might be one of my fav books of all time. seriously this book not like any other historical I have read EVER in the best way possible. This book is just so. dang. good and the love interest gives me Thomas Shelby vibes from Peaky Blinders so I think yes. 10/10 recommend. 

—-> If you have read any of these books than you damn well know why my sanity is in question. These books WILL F*CK you up. Mentally, emotionally, sleep schedule (we don’t know her). Like someone call a paramedic because my heart needs rehab stat. But at the same time omg they were so good and def some of my reading highlights over the past several months oh my god they were SPICY and my tongue is still on fire!!!

That being said this concludes my little update and I am SO HAPPY to be back! Please if you have any new (or old) releases to rec me than PLEASE do I am currently in between books as of last night and now begin the equally thrilling and devastating black hole event that is trying to find my next read.

Thanks so much for stopping by here at Bubbly Books and I hope your current read is fabulous!!

Jamie @Bubbly Books 

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