Hello hello my friends!

Its that time of year again…. SUMMER time!!! and if your anything like me you love a good, light, summer filled read to fill up your cloud filled head on a clear sandy beach day. 

That being said I love bringing a good book to the beach or having a summer read in hand to fill up the brain while soaking in the sun rays. That being said I’ve complied a little list here of summer of my recent summer favs!!! Please let me know what you love to read during the summer or what summer reads get you in the mood to book that vacation straight to beach town 😉 

Summer Book Recommendations:


Bad Cruz by LJ Shen

Another favorite from one of my all time favorite authors!!! This one involves a cruz with a doctor called Dr.Cruz… need I say more? (also it will hit you straight in the FEELS. You’ve been warned *cries*)

Only a Breath Apart by Kate McGarry

An old favorite of mine that has all the YA goodness/summer energy/ swoony romance a girl could want. Highly recommend if your looking for something light and dreamy this summer! 

The Chase by Elle Kennedy

While this one doesn’t technically take place during the summer… it still gives me the soft, warm feelings of a summer read and the banter in this is to die for. Great series for summer binge reading!

My Killer Vacation by Tessa Bailey

If your looking for something quick, smutty, and highly entertaining with a side of murder mystery? Than this is the book for you mi amigo. Tessa Bailey writes 10/10 dirty talk and this book is no exception – great summer read!

It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey

Another all time favorite of mine by Tessa Bailey! This one takes place in a dive bar in Washington with a coastal cliff… and the summer getaway energy is strong in this one my friend. I loved the characters in this one and I guarantee you will fly through this one if your looking for a unputdownable beach read. 

The Royals Next Door by Karina Halle

I love this one!! If your looking for snarky banter with a sexy british bodyguard then this is the book you need in your life this summer. So many cute moments this books will have you blushing and giggling like a school girl. Plus the protectiveness in this book is so great! Highly recommend! 

Broken Beautiful Hearts by Kami Garcia

If your looking for a book that will have your heart hurting, if you are a reader who lives for the angst, the tension, the PAIN of reading than this book is the one you will want your hands on ASAP. I loved every tender, heart breaking moment of this – so good!

Hit the Spot by J. Daniels

If you want 0% plot and 100% sexy times…. this is the book my friend. No plot. Zero, zip, nada. Spice sprinkled in with banter and the faint wisp of plot line this is the read that will steam up your reading glasses. Highly recommend if your looking for something quick snd dirty to spice up your summer reading TBR. 

Did I mention I love You? by Estelle Maskame 

AHHHHH this series is SO GOOD! If your a sucker for forbidden, slightly taboo, but oh so good romance this is the series for you!! Takes place in LA, strong family dynamics, and a stepbrother that will have you questioning every moral you thought was engrained in you. So so good!


Honorable Mentions:

The Secret of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen 

I love this book! If you have a weakness for boys who race cars, are car guys, or in general just overprotective… ya you will love this book. Did I mention they are also childhood bffs? Please pick this up ASAP you will not regret it!!

100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons

Another super adorable, super emotional read that will have you smiling from the soft cuteness of it all. I read this years ago and still remember loving it! Highly recommend! 

Say You’ll Remember Me by Katie McGarry 

Takes place in a carnival. The romance is great. The summer energy is chefs kiss. Just a good solid read all around! 


What about you all? Have you read any of the books above? Have a go to summer read? LMK in the comments below!!









Hello hello there my little reading friends? How are we doing today?

Well if the title was any indication than you would know that last month was not my most successful reading endeavor. 

BUT we are ignoring that in favor of the candy coated little snacks that DID grace my fingertips last month.

That being said even though I was busy (all this life is getting in the way of my reading time smh) I was able to read some golden coated gems in the form of books that I throughly enjoyed!

On to the books!

What I read this month: 

Dark Lover by J.R. Ward – 5 stars

This book was great. I throughly/deeply/completely am enamored with the sexiness that is Wrath. He is everything and its safe to say I need more. I was throughly entertained with this one and I loved the side characters! So good!

Scarred by Emily Mcintire – 4 stars

This was pretty good. I was entertained. I was flipping the pages. Really enjoyed the first three quarters of this but the end just became a bit overdone for me. Still a really solid read!

Royally Screwed by Emma Chase – 5 stars

This book is really great! Think Princess Diaries 2 but make it dirty and make the prince a self centered, sex obsessed rebel running away from home!! This book read like a rom-com you genuinely didn’t want to end!! I loved the characters, the make over scenes, and the genuine chemistry between the characters – SO good!! Not to mention this book was also hilarious and I could not stop laughing. Great if you want a princess/prince filled dreamy read with a touch of reality. Highly recommend! 

Tangled by Emma Chase – 3.5 stars

OMG this book. Let me tell you if your looking for something super different and super quirky than this is the book for you. Emma Chase knows how to write a guy character that will have you tearing you hair out and seconds away from throwing the book across the room. Seriously I could not decide if I was routing for this man or if I wanted him to fail spectacularly. But at the end I was kinda feeling bad for him and I started pulling for the steamy filled office romance that was Kate and Drew. Will I read the sequel? Probably not. But did I enjoy this one? Yes, yes I did. 

The Secret of Ella and Micha  by Jessica Sorensen- 5 stars

AHHHHH Jessica Sorensen knows how to write a book that pulls at my weak little frail heart!!! This book is just classic goldeness that I will never get tired of reading. Ella and Micha are childhood neighbors that are pulled apart due to a tragic incident that happens to Ellas mother and let me tell you my heart was stretched like putty during this one. I didn’t have answers and was left searching for them desperately while simultaneously becoming deeply attached my to man Micha *sexiness encompassed*. This book was just *chefs kiss* and the romance had me invested the whole time – can not wait to read book two!! 

Down London Road by Samantha Young – 5 stars

UGHHHH THIS BOOK. I do not cry very easily. I do not cry while reading books. I sometimes cry while watching movies. 

I cried while reading this book. 

That is all. This book destroyed me in every way possible. I connected with Jo so much on so many levels and Cam was just ughhhhhhh I need a man like this to exist in real life. This series is just so amazing

Ana Maria and the Fox by Liana De La Rosa – 5 starsMy Review

This book surprised me in the best way! Gideon was such a compassionate, stable, and trustworthy man I simply adored the way he was enamored by Ana Maria! Not to mention the amazing supportive and touching interactions with Ana Marias sisters had me both routing and swooning for every storyline! This book was just so comforting and sweet and cute!!! I loved it – highly recommend if your looking for a great romance with a touch of Mexican history thrown in! 


What about you all??? Read any of the books above? Have any on your TBR? Lets chat it up in the comments below!



Ana Maria and The Fox

by Liana De La Rosa

Rating: 5/5 stars


My Review:

Well this book was a delicious little surprise I was not expecting. 

I admit, I may have picked this one up based on the pretty cover alone …. (I may be suffering from a weakness for beautiful shiny covers thank you very much). That being said this beautiful gem of a cover not only had a gorgeous candy coated outside but a decadent, rich, and flavorful inside!

This book was magical! Taking place in foggy London, Ana Maria arrives on the run with her two sisters her father having sent them away due to it being too dangerous for them to stay in Mexico. After being thrown into the limelight Ana Maria and her sisters struggle to adjust to life in London after engaging  in a wave of gatherings, balls, and social calls but must admit they are beginning to enjoy the small slice of freedom London has offered them.   

Enter Gideon…. (my LOVE). Proper, posed, collected Gideon is on a mission and no one is going to distract him from his political goals… that is until Ana Maria sweeps into the room and steals all of his focus 😉

I must say I was not expecting to love the ABSOLUTE SLOW BURN in this book!!! Every touch, every interaction was so composed and so lingering with underlying attraction that I was DYING from anticipation and could not turn the pages fast enough. The soft love that develops between these two is addicting to watch unfold and I was throughly engaged until the very end!!

I mean the straight up CHEMISTRY between these two was so perfectly plotted that I could not help but route for them and yearn for them all at the same time. I appreciated the way it took its time to unravel, toss in high political stakes, and witty supportive interactions with Ana Marias sisters and I was completely enthralled the whole time!!! 

Overall it’s safe to say my expectations were completely blown out of the water with this one and I love how Mexican history was incorporated throughout the book. Not to mention I am now 100% invested in her sisters flirtations with Captain Dawson and the Duke of Mitchell and I NEED the next books already!!!

If your looking for a slow burn, sweet, enthralling romance with a touch of history than I highly recommend this book! So good!!

What about you all? Read any good romance books? Any historicals? LMK in the comments below!



Hello there my fellow reading addicts!

Its time to talk about the series that have me in an absolute chokehold right now. 

I’m talking completely bingeable, unputdownable, ignore all your responsibilities good flipping reads (seriously kiss you free time goodbye because it will now be filling with finger flipping the pages of these beauties).

If your anything like me you love a good binge read. You want a series to pull you in and stomp on your heart and never let you go…. and you also want a series with more than 3 books that you can devote all your time and energy (not to mention $$) to. 

And BOY do I have to BOOKS for you *claps*

Here are the books/series I have currently fell victim to and will not be putting down anytime soon: 

Pucked Series by Helena Hunting

This series is so great! If your looking for a new hockey romance series that will have you HOOKED then please please pick up these books! The first book I admit is not the greatest…. but I promise you PLEASE keep reading because the series gets better with every book! Steamy, goofy, and hockey packed these books just make you fall in love with the characters and I love how enter-connected the different couples are. I just have Pucked Love to read and I’ve been putting it off because I do not want this series to end! So good!

Marked Men series by Jay Crownover

Ahhhhhh I am obsessed with this series! Rule just might have one of my favorite guy characters ever written. If you are a sucker for tattooed bad boys you will fall in LOVE with this series!!! Each book follows a different tattoo artist (they all work in the same tattoo parlor) and the friendships/banter/teasing in these books will have you addicted so fast you will not know what to do with yourselves. I honestly wish I had read these books so much sooner – I love love them! So far I’ve only read Rule and Jet so far but I cannot wait to read the rest of these series – I am addicted!!

Maiden Lane series by Elizabeth Hoyt

I love everything about this series. This just might be one of my favorite historical romance series of all time. The series totals 12 books and I think I have read 7 of them so far. Each story follows a different couple but they are all interconnected in some way, shape, or form. You don’t have to read this series in order (thank god because I have not been doing that) and must say if you are looking for some serious binging material – than these books are for you. So good I love her writing and how unique/ quirky her plot lines are!!

On Dublin Street series by Samantha Young 

Another amazing series that I have just recently discovered!! The writing and story telling in these books is SO good!! Honestly you feel like you are reading about real people and real lives the characters are that fleshed out. Not to mention these books take place in Scotland which I really love and One Dublin Street just might be one of my favorite books of all time (Braden Carmicheal has every piece of my heart). Right now I’m reading Down London Road and I cannot wait to spend all my time (and money) consuming the rest of the books in this series!!! SO good!


Sinners of Saint by LJ Shen 

Behold my favorite series of all time. LJ Shen is my favorite author of all time and these are the books that got me hooked. Some of the most unique, poetic writing I have ever read. The most unique in every sense of the way (from the sense of humor of her characters to the broken way they love one another). While I have yet to get to Scandalous (I’m kicking myself right now as I write this) I have reread the other books in these series too many times to count. My favorites!!! Please PLEASE read! 

What about you all? Have you read any of the series above? Read any binge worthy series? Drop you recs in the comments below!


Hello hello hello there! How are we doing my lovely reading peeps? How was your march?? 

If your anything like me your wondering just where did all the time go?? Honestly how is it already April?! 

Thankfully I can say last month was a total reading success! While I did read less books last month (a whopping total of 8 fabulous reads) I’m pleased to say the quality quite outranked the quantity…. because this month I was BLESSED by the bookish gods.

Seriously the book angels reached down and kissed me on the hand because the sheer books I read this month were nothing short of PERFECTION *chefs kiss* *chefs kiss*

On to the books!!!!

What I read this month:

Tattered Stars by Catherine Cowles – 4 stars

This was such a good small town romance!!! I was not expecting to swoon this hard reading this!! The protectiveness in this book had my HEART melting like an ice cube left in the sun. I also loved the family members in the book and the family dynamics were cupcake level sweet and coffee level strong – so good!! I am wholly invested in this WHOLESOMENESS and need the next book!! 

Pucked Off by Helena Hunting – 5 stars – 

I LOVED THIS BOOK! The romance was so great in this! I loved how Poppy was a sports massage therapist and how her and Lance had a past when they were children. I honestly was not expecting this romance to be as sweet as it was! Lance treated poppy like she was a treasure and I adored the way they cared for one another in this!!! One of my favorite in the series so far!

Lord of Darkness by Elizabeth Hoyt – 3 stars

This one was a bit of a let down for me. I love Elizabeth Hoyt and I love her writing but this book just kind of felt like a reiteration of some of the other books in this series that I’ve read from her. The chemistry between the characters was great but I felt like I was zoning out during some of the plot bits. Still love this series though and I plan to continue reading it! 

The Soulmate by Sally Hepworth – 5 stars – 

AHHHH THIS BOOK WAS AN AMAZING TWISTY MESS AND I LOVED IT!! Its been awhile since I’ve read a thriller and this one did not disappoint. This book follows two broken marriages, flashbacks from the past, and broken family dynamic – plus throw in a cliff thats a local known suicide point and color me intrigued. The slow suspense in this was like a threadbare napkin unraveling and you just couldn’t help but pick at the threads until the whole thing came apart in your lap. So, SO good I could not stop reading this! Highly recommend if your a thriller fan! 

Heartless by Elsie Silver – 5 stars

OMG THIS BOOK HAS MY HEART!!!! I ADORED ADORED ADORED Cade!!!! The banter in this actually had me in stitches and not to mention this book was a spicy little snack I could not help devouring. I loved how caring Cade was towards his son and the bff/family interactions throughout! I’m obsessed with this series now and need all the other books ASAP. 

It Starts With Us by Colleen Hoover – 5 stars – 

I surprisingly really liked this follow up to It Ends With Us. I felt like it was much lighter and while they’re wasn’t as much plot or things happening in this book I loved getting to know Atlas a little bit more in this. Plus the way he treated Lily was GOLDEN and I loved every interaction they had with one another. Super cute, super fast read! Kinda like an extended epilogue – but in the best way! 


The Damaged by Tijan – 5 stars

Ok full disclosure I did not remember a single. thing. from the first book. (which rarely happens to me if ever) that being said I kinda picked up this book on a whim and boy am I glad I did because this book was FANTASTIC. Like oh my god I was completely immersed and invested and pulled into this story like no other. First off Kash and Bailey have my whole entire scarred heart – because the absolute LOVE and power the two of them have over one another is addicting to consume. Not to mention the incredible depression/grief scenes in this had me aching and relating all at the same time. Super unique plot line, very fleshed out characters, and an underlying element of suspense that had me flipping pages like there was no tomorrow – fantastic, fantastic book!

The Revenge by Tijan – 5 stars – 

After that cliff hanger you bet your butt I was ordering the final book ASAP. And thank god this one did not disappoint. If anything Kash and Baileys love for one another got even stronger and the family issues in this had me frustrated and tearing out my hair to no end!!! One of my favorite book couples I love love this series!!! 

What about you all? Read any of the books above? Read anything amazing this month? Lets chat in the comments below!


Hello, hello, hello my lovely reader friends!!! How are we doing this month?? How is the reading going??


I don’t know about you but this month went by WAY too fast!? Where did the time GO?!? 


If your like me then this month has been nothing but reading and work *sigh* but that being said I managed to read some amazing books!??! And I reconnected with one of my favorite authors of all time and I can’t wait to continue to read more from her (I’m also highly tempted to buy all of her books… someone please take my wallet away from me).


On to the books *claps*…..


What I Read This Month:

The Resolution of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorensen – 5 stars

THIS SERIES. It is a gem. A piece of my heart. I just love how layered and complex both Callie and Kayden are. I also adore how they continue to struggle through their traumas throughout the books, and you get to see their internal and external struggles, the differences in family dynamics, and the way they love each other so completley throughout. One of my favorite series of all time. I love these books. 

Rule by Jay Crownover – 5 starsmy review 

I LOVED this book!!!! Rule is one of my favorite types of characters. He is honest, he is raw, talented, not afraid to speak his mind and I loved how the relationship grew between him and Shaw. Throw in a tattoo parlor, artistic breakthroughs, a suspenseful plot line and I’m in. So good. 

Devils Daughter by Lisa Kleypas – 4 stars – 

I really like Lisa Kleypas and this book was no exception. Really strong romance. I loved how she was a widow with a little boy and how well he treated her son and the relationship/ family they grow between the three of them. I also really enjoyed how this included elements about farming and how to properly tend her estate. I thought it added another layer to the storyline and I really enjoyed the slow burn that unfolded between these two!!

Queen of Myth and Monsters by Scarlett St.Clair – 4 stars

This was good. I liked the first book in this series and am intrigued to see where this goes. I liked Adrian and Isolde but I don’t know, this one doesn’t stand out too much for me. However I probably will read the last one in this series. I need closure.  

For the Wolf by Hannah Whitten – 5 stars

This was GOOD. I really enjoyed this. Kind of a red riding hood meets beauty and the beast retelling. Loved the romance between Red and Eammon!! Eammon is one of my favorite characters I’ve read in a fantasy romance and I loved how patient and protective he was over Red. I also adored the forest magic in this book and was really intrigued with the dual POV of Red and her twin sister. Solid fantasy romance debut. 

Jet by Jay Crownover – 4 stars

Ahhhhh I love this series!!!! This series is just bad boy goodness wrapped into one and I cannot get enough. Jet is a heavy metal rockstar and Ayden is trying to runaway from her past self and become someone worth loving. She’s ashamed of her dirty country roots and wants to become someone she can be proud starting back at in the mirror. They’re romance is great. Sexy, fun, angsty, and addicting I could not get enough!!! I already ordered the rest of the series lol. 


Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas – 5 stars

I love this book. This book broke me apart before super gluing me back together. It tested my limits and touched me in way that made my heart bleed. I loved how the two were pen pals and they’re friendship grew from having someone to turn to where they could be the versions of themselves they were afraid would be destroyed in their realities. They’re romance is electric and I love how he pushes her to become the version of her she wanted to be in her letter in real life. Amazing book. 

Little Lies by H. Hunting – 4 stars

I love Helena Hunting! I adored, adored, adored this romance. I love how this story touched on both Lavender and Kodiak struggles with anxiety and how they both struggled with it in different ways. Hers stemming from childhood trauma whereas his stemmed from academic pressure, family, and personal pressure he puts on himself. They both break, both rely on each other in unhealthy ways, and have to learn to mature and deal with their pasts in a way that is healthy enough for the both of them to overcome their obstacles – could not put this book down!!! Amazing. 

Sparrow by LJ Shen – 5 stars

AHHHHH THIS. BOOK. I LOVED IT. Just want a Troy Brennan in my life. That is all. Thats the review. 


What about you all? Read any of the books above? Read anything really good this month? Let me know in the comments below!



Rule (A Marked Men novel #1)

By: Jay Crownover

Rating: 5/5 stars

My Review:

This book hit me like a train wreck and I am not complaining. I thought I would like this book going in, but I didn’t think I would ADORE it the way I do.

This book is raw, emotional, and fully developed in a way that will have you so immersed you can’t see straight. It’s like your drowning in the characters emotions and feeling their pain as if it were your own. 

“I know I messed up but I’m here for real now. We’re going to do this and I promise I’ll take care of you as best I can. You’re going to have to be patient with me because I’m flying blind.”

Rule is complicated. He’s not a a fluffy flower on the outside. He’s rude, he’s shameless. He doesn’t care what other people think and he’s not afraid to tell them what he thinks. He’s passionate in a way only broken characters can be – with emotions bleeding out in the most destructive and open way possible without regard or thought to those around to witness the emotional drenched explosion. 

Not to mention he is also a tattoo artist

Enter Shaw. She’s his twin brothers bff. The girl he thought belonged to his brother. Not to mention she’s also his perfect match in every way. If only he would let himself see her as anything other than his brothers property. 

Shaw is mad for Rule. Crazy about him. Only she knows he would/ has not ever looked at her that way before. She’s passionate and accepting and stands up for Rule in a way no one ever had before. 

“You’ve never wanted to be easy to love Rule and you make damn sure that nobody can ever forget it.”

Also the level of FAMILY DRAMA in this book is crazy. I love the broken family dynamics and how the author wove the story of the grieving family unable to shoulder the weight of the pain of losing someone. Theres a lot of push and pull between family members and I love how Rule is still unabashedly himself despite the criticism from his family and I love how Shaw appreciates him and sees the light inside of him despite his parents repeated attempts to drown out that part of him. 

“I’ve never trusted anyone all the time. It’s the people I care about the most that always seem to do the most damage.”

PLUS……The romance in this book is just so good. I love the easiness between the two of them – like they were just halves of a whole and didn’t need to try. The connection between them was effortless. The kind of connection you get from knowing one another intimately for their whole lives. I loved how Rule was impatient, and reckless, and vocal about his possessiveness of her. Rule is the kind of guy who does not like to share and doesn’t give two shits who knows it. 

“Opposites don’t just attract they freaking catch fire and burn the entire city down”

 I love, love, loved the tattoo elements in this book and getting to see Rule’s creative process!! Both Shaw and Rules friends were also so fun to read about and I CANNOT WAIT to read their stories in the next books!!!! I need them all imediently!! 

This was just such a good, classic, full bodied bad boy romance and I loved every part of it – so well done I need more!!! Please read this book I am begging you!!!

5 stars 

What do you all think? Adding this one to your TBR? Already read it? LMK your thought below!


Hello hello hello my lovely reading friends!!! How are we this month?? How has the reading been? If your January was anything like mine then you were busy, busy, BUSY. Like seriously I feel like January was simultaneously the slowest and the fastest month… were did the time GO???? (and also can I have it back please and thank you). 


That being said by some magical gift of the universe I was actually able to squeeze in some reading time??? and I READ. (who is this person staring back at me in the mirror bc I don’t know her). I was also blessed by the reading gods this month because the books I managed to squeeze in the schedule were gold plated and shimmering with fantasticalness. It seemed like every book I picked up was like an automatic 100% on a test and we didn’t even have to pull out quiz-let or partner it with its BFF Cheg. #firebooks


That being said lets get on to the books I read this month!!!


What I Read:

Darling Beast by Elizabeth Hoyt – 4 stars – 

This series is fabulous. I love everything Elizabeth Hoyt writes, her stories are so full bodied and multilayered that I never know what I am going to get but I know I am going to be entertained. Apollo was attacked in prison and lost his voice because of it and Lily is an homeless actress currently living at the theater with her son. I love how tender and slow burn the romance unfolds. Both have been damaged in the past, they’re slow to trust but the romance that blooms is even more tender and addicting all the more so for it. SO so good!

Love on the Brain by Ali Hazelwood – 5 stars

THIS BOOK AHAHSHSJSHDJD. I AM ADDICTED. OBSESSED. DECEASED. This book blew me out of the water with its fabulousness. I read Love Hypothesis and remember liking it but this book. This. Book. The romance is just so good in this book I couldn’t stop laughing (this book is so funny I could not hold in the laugher here. I was dying.) Not to mention I loved how the whole thing took place at NASA and we got an insight into the team bonding/work that took place on the newly developing scientific projects. Also the straight ANGST and soul mate hints sprinkled throughout this cupcake of a book was *chefs kiss*. Just had every ingredient needed to make an epic romance book. One of my new favorite reads of all time!!!

Bitter Sweet Heart by H. Hunting – 5 stars

WOW. This book took me by surprise. I jumped into this one not knowing what it was about. I had heard of the author but never read anything by her and BOY was I flabbergasted. This book is everything. Maverick is wildly mature for his age. His ability to communicate his needs and protect those of others blew me away. Not to mention I loved how this was a teacher/student romance but it didn’t come across as taboo. Both were scared. Both listened to one another doubts/reservations and came up with solutions together, as a team.  Despite the age gap the two felt like equals and the CHEMISTRY was amazing. Pair that with amazingly well developed family aspects and this book was a solid win. Super good!

Pucked by Helena Hunting – 3 stars

After finishing off Bitter Sweet Heart I wanted to read more of Helena Hunting an picked up the Pucked series ASAP!!! This first book was something. Wildly addicting, over the top fun, hilarious characters. I loved how easy and quick this one was to read and I was INVESTED in the future couples to come. 

Pucked Up by Helena Hunting – 4 stars

AHHHH this book was SOOOO much better than book one!!! Buck is straight up hilarious and even though the whole book was his POV I wasn’t bored for one second. Him and Sunny are great together and I love how sweet he is towards her. I was laughing so hard at some points in this book, Buck is so straight forward and unabashedly himself that I could not get enough. SO FREAKIN GOOD

Puked Over by Helena Hunting – 4 stars

This book was SPICE. Randall and Lily had instant chemistry and I loved how they both could not stop the attraction from growing amongst one another. Randall is much more grounded than the other Pucked men so far and absolutely worships Lily with every fiber of his being. Fast plot line, addicting drama, hockey, and more this series is so much fun and I can not get enough!!!

The Marquess Makes His Move by Diana Quincy – 5 stars –

This book is amazing. I went into this one not expecting much and then ended up completely devouring it in two days. I loved how Rose is an artist and draws intricate maps for a living and I adored how Brandon supported her and urged her to pursue her talents despite what society might think of her. Not to mention Brandon had secrets of his own and I loved getting a glimpse into his family and how accepting and genuinely interested Rose is in his background/life. The two are connected in a way that is fascinating to watch unfold and I ADORED the passion the two had for one another. This author is really good and I cannot wait to read more from her! 

Duke Most Wicked by Lenora Bell – 5 stars –

OMG THIS BOOK IS A SOFT CUSHION OF LOVE THAT I WANT TO FALL INTO. I am a puddle. I am drowning in the sheer affection of wonderfulness that is this book. First off I am in love with Brandan. Second of all I am in love with Brandan Duke of Westbury. This book is just ahasdhkdkd so good. I love how Viola is his sisters music teacher, the elements of composing music and the passion behind her playing was fascinating and beautiful to watch unfold. Not to mention I was a sobbing disaster at Brandan’s hidden passion for her and I LOVED how brash, and straightforward, and reckless he was. The romance in this is AMAZING and I ADORED the plot. One of my new favorite historical’s of all time!!!

Forever Pucked by Helena Hunting – 5 stars –

DANGGGGGGG. THIS BOOK WAS A SLICE OF SWEET PIE I COULD NOT RESIST. Let me tell you my expectations going into this one were low. staggeringly low. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Alex and Violet in Pucked but this book was SPICY cinnamon cake and I love every piece of it. I thought this was going to be a short little cute wedding novella but then BAM enter a dramatic plot line that had me straight up sobbing and I was mistaken. I loved every direction this plot took and I loved how we got to see all the characters together again and check in with the different couple from the Pucked world. This book was just something you never want to end and want to keep reading while ignoring all your problems and/or responsibilities. So GOOD!!

Pucked Under by Helena Hunting – 4 stars- 

We go more of Lily and Randall!!!! This was a super short and super steamy novella but the plot still felt very well developed. I loved getting to see more of Randalls family and how he and Lily were able to overcome obstacles in their relationship. Very good! I enjoyed it!

Tv Shows I Watched:

  • Emily in Paris (season 3) – I finally got around to watching the most recent season of Emily in Paris and really enjoyed it! I love the fashion in this show and the glimpse into the marketing world. Not to mention I am INVESTED to see where Emily and Gabriels relationship goes. I need answers!!!!
  • Peaky Blinders (season 6) – The final season FINALLY dropped. Thomas Shelby is my love and I just love this series with every part of me. SO so good. I’m depressed to see this series end. 
  • The Fate: Winx (season 1/2)- This series was surprisingly really good!!! So of course I binged the whole thing in a week only to find out there will never be another season again and it was cancelled??!?!?! Get it together Netflix. 
  • Alexa and Katie (season 1-4) – This series is extremely cheesy and the jokes are border line cringeworthy. So of course I binge watched the whole thing. The final season is the best and I wish there was more. *cries*

Well thats about all for this month! What about you all?? Read anything good this month??? Read any of the books above? Lets chat in the comments below!



Hello hello everybody!!! How is your day going?? How is the reading treating you?

Today we are gathered here to discuss one thing and one thing only: *HISTORICAL ROMANCES*

In my experience many people have been more hesitant to jump into the historical romance sub genre than other romance sub genres. As a long time reader (and fan) of both contemporary, fantasy, and historical romance I know that all genres have they’re own personal appeal and quirks. After all thats what makes reading fun – the variety!!!

That being said I feel like historical romances are often the most overlooked sub-genre and simply do not get the credit they deserve! Personally some of the best/most comforting/ most delightful stories I have read have been HISTORICAL ROMANCES. So this is my post shouting to the rooftops on why you should READ HISTORICAL’S *claps* (Especially if you haven’t given the genre a chance!!!)…

Why People Might Be Hesitant to Jump Into the Historical Romance Goodness:

  • The Questionable covers
  • The Stigma that historical romances are only for “old people”
  • Its all “smut” no plot


Why Historical Romances Are Great:

  • The amazing plot lines and multi layered storylines (Believe it or not historical romances actually have typically very unique and diverse plot lines – some of the most unexpected characters and plot twists I have read have actually been in historical romances!!)
  • Many historical romances are actually quite modern in the sense that many of the plot lines have been focused on strong heroine characters, fast paced plot lines dealing with historical issues/movements, not to mention hundreds of new releases are published every year world wide!
  • THE SWOON FACTOR – historical romances just have a way of making you feel all soft and warm inside when your reading them. They are COMFORTING!!!
  • They’re inexpensive. Historical romances are typically priced around $7-9 a book. Making them a significantly more affordable option than most traditionally published romance novels. Not to mention you can often find more historical romance options used for an even lower price at book stores and used online retailers! 


My Favorites:

Wicked and the Wallflower by Sarah Maclean 

This is one of the first historical romances I’ve ever read and it still remains one of my top favorites to this day. An amazing plot-line (think Peaky Blinders meets Bridgerton) and the romance in this is TOP swoon factor. So, so good! 

Sweetest Scoundrel by Elizabeth Hoyt

Ahhhhh I love this book!!! If you want to read a book simply for the sole purpose of swooning over the male character than this is. it. Ava Makespeace is PERFECTION and I love this book to pieces. 

The Prince of Broadway by Joanna Shupe 

Another amazing plot line. If you like gambling, betting, high stakes romances than this is the historical for you. The tension in this book is *chefs kiss* and I love how the two have met each others match in this book!

A Duchess by Midnight by Charis Micheals 

A fairytale retelling that will have you feeling soft and fuzzy all over. This one is a cinderella step sister retelling that will have you simultaneously swooning and laughing all at once – so cute!

In Bed With A Highlander by Maya Banks 

Let me tell you – if you are looking for a series to binge this is it. The characters in this are SO lovable and the romances are all SO GREAT. I read this series soooo long ago and I still remember how much I feel in love with each and every book – highly recommend! 

A Rogue of Ones Own by Evie Dunmore

This is the historical romance enemies to lovers everyone needs in their lives. The banter in this is so great not to mention the pining an yearning and just the subtleties in this book are ahhhhh so so great! Amazing read!

A Kiss At Midnight by Eloisa James

A cinderella retelling done to perfection. I read this forever ago and still remember the unique plot line and the really layered writing. Super unique despite being a retelling – really loved this one!

Seduced by A Scot by Maya Banks 

Another amazing series by Maya Banks. The heroine is deaf and cannot hear anything. Therefore the characters believe her to be incompetent to stupid, but its not until she meets the hero the the truth begins to be revealed… so so beautiful and fascinating. I loved how protective the characters were of one another and the family aspects in this book are great. Amazing, amazing read! 


Anywho what about you all? Ever read any historical romances? Willing to give the genre a try? Lets chat in the comment below!


Hello hello my little book loving animals?! Are the TBR’s exploding yet?!! If you’re like me than this month flew by at a completely UNREASONABLE speed – my time has been whisked away by candy canes and holiday MADNESS. 

And somehow we have now entered 2023?@!!!? 


That being said December ended up being a VERY successful reading month for me!!! We made our reading challenge for the year (and even surpassed it?!?! Who am I??? Who have I become??? actually setting goals and *achieving* them?!?) *claps*

That being said on to the BOOKS!!! *snaps*

What I Read Last Month:

Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score – 5 stars

This book was so cute!!! I have to be honest I was sure about it in the first half – but then BAM the second half hit and I could not stop turning the pages!! So, so good. Just an overall very solid grumpy/sunshine romance! Cannot wait for the sequel 🙂 

Lore Olympus Vol 2 by Rachel Smitme – 5 stars

I love this graphic novel!!! The second installment had me even more invested than the first and I cannot WAIT to read more!!

The Roommate by Rosie Daman – 4 stars

This book was SO GOOD! It was not what I expected in the best way. I loved Josh – I though he was such a caring and interesting and soft character. And I loved learning more about his job and the background behind it. Overall I thought this book had a very fascinating premise and I need to get to the sequel this year!!

Twisted Love by Ana Huang – 4 stars

This book was good. I liked it. But it kind of felt like something I may have read before?! However I think the series has great potential and I am already deeply INVESTED in the next books couple and need it ASAP. 

All He’ll Ever Be by W. Winters – 4 stars – 

This book was CHUNKY. It ended up being four books in one (the whole series published in one book) and let me tell you this book was DARK. Maybe one of the darkest books I have ever read. Its a mafia romance and I was too invested to stop turning the pages. But it is the kind of book that weighs heavily on your mind and on your heart after you finish reading it. So many parts crossed the line and made it hard for me to continue but I couldn’t stop reading in the hopes that things would lighten up. Amazing writing and super unique plot line. I’m interested to see what W. Winters writes next! 

In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren – 5 stars

I LOVED this book!!! This book was a fun SUGAR COVERED GUMDROP and I devoured it at an unnatural speed. SO fun, super cute, and I loved the whole time warp trope of repeating the same day over and over again. The romance in this was so cute and I love everything I have read by Christina Lauren so far 🙂 A great Christmas romance!

A Princess for Christmas by Jenny Holiday – 5 stars

Another Christmas romance for the win! This book took me by surprise. I went in having very low expectations but DANG did this book surprise me. I love love loved Leo (he was sexyyyy) and the steam level in this was *chefs kiss* Great well paced plot, and super lovable characters. It was like the smutty version of a hallmark movie – in a good way!!! Loved it 🙂

Duke of Midnight by Elizabeth Hoyt – 5 stars

ELIZABETH HOYT IS *chefs kiss, chefs kiss, chefs kiss* SO good!!! This is definelty one of my favorite of hers in the series. It was such a fabulous plot and I loved the action, paired with the yearning and undeniable angst – throw in some near death experiences and some snarky enemy banter and this book was sheer perfection. Loved it. 

Sweetest Scoundrel by Elizabeth Hoyt – 5 stars – (reread)

I WILL NEVER STOP RAVING ABOUT THIS BOOK. Asa Makepeace is one of my favorite characters ever written and I adore him and Eve with every piece of my heart. One of my favorite books of all time. Super unique, amazing writing, and a plot I could not put down. AMAZING!!!

Leo by Mia Sheridan – 5 stars

I LOVED this one!!!! Mia Sheridan is an incredible author and this book was no exception. I loved how broken both of the main characters were and how they were able to lean on one another and hold each others hearts in times of darkness. Plus that plot twists?!?! *Mind. Blown.* I simply need all of the books in this series please and thank you. 

Midnight Lily by Mia Sheridan – 5 stars

Another Mia Sheridan for the WIN!!! This was even more unique than Leo and I wasn’t too sure about it until the end. Both the characters in this book just fall for one another so hard and I love their devotion and bone deep acceptance of one another. This book crawled into my emotions and lived there. So freaking good!!!

Lore Olympus vol 3 by Rachel Smtthe – 5 stars

Another great installment to a fabulous graphic novel!!! The next book can not come soon enough 🙂 I love Hades and Persephone!!! *heart eyes*


This month was reading GOLD!!! SO many 5 star reads it just seems like every book was better than the last and I could not stop devouring them like addictive chocolate coated CANDY!!? 10/10 reading month. Also I didn’t realize I read 12 BOOKS this month??!? *pauses in shock* I honestly do not know how this was achieved. But I am thanking the bookish gods. #successfulreadingmonth 


Blog Goals for 2023:

  • Blog more!!! I’m hoping to post more content more consistently this year. I’m hoping to get one post out a week but realistically am putting the goal at trying to get at least 3 posts published per month!
  • Read the physical books I own. This is hard because I am a mood reader and tend to read whatever I feel like at the moment but I’m hoping to get all the physical books read on my TBR – I have no space lol. Donating needs to happen.
  • Read the e-books I have on my kindle. Of course this is the opposite of reading my physical books but I also have a lot of e books I need to get through. We’ll see if I get to this goal – haha!
  • Read more series. Lately I have been in the mood to binge read some series and I’m hoping this year I will finally be able to get to some!
  • Go to a book signing event! I keep hearing more about these and would love the chance to meet some of my favorite authors in person and get some books signed! Who knows maybe this summer?

Other Updates:

  • I’m still working at the jewelry store near me and am hoping to continue to work there during the beginning of the year and start my job search for a more permanent career!
  • I got some new books this Christmas!! Please share down below your bookish hauls!!! I need to live vicariously through your shopping habits lol
  • I’m starting to get more into pen paling finally!! I actually need to catch up on some letters and have been procrastinating lol
  • I started a couple new shows on Netflix! Including the documentary on Megan and Harry (although I’m only a couple of episodes in – so far I am intrigued) please drop your show recs below though!! I am looking for more to watch and distract myself from life *claps*


Thats all for now! What about you all?? Read any new books?! Have any good recommendations!? Let me know in the comments below!