Hello there my fellow reading addicts!

Its time to talk about the series that have me in an absolute chokehold right now. 

I’m talking completely bingeable, unputdownable, ignore all your responsibilities good flipping reads (seriously kiss you free time goodbye because it will now be filling with finger flipping the pages of these beauties).

If your anything like me you love a good binge read. You want a series to pull you in and stomp on your heart and never let you go…. and you also want a series with more than 3 books that you can devote all your time and energy (not to mention $$) to. 

And BOY do I have to BOOKS for you *claps*

Here are the books/series I have currently fell victim to and will not be putting down anytime soon: 

Pucked Series by Helena Hunting

This series is so great! If your looking for a new hockey romance series that will have you HOOKED then please please pick up these books! The first book I admit is not the greatest…. but I promise you PLEASE keep reading because the series gets better with every book! Steamy, goofy, and hockey packed these books just make you fall in love with the characters and I love how enter-connected the different couples are. I just have Pucked Love to read and I’ve been putting it off because I do not want this series to end! So good!

Marked Men series by Jay Crownover

Ahhhhhh I am obsessed with this series! Rule just might have one of my favorite guy characters ever written. If you are a sucker for tattooed bad boys you will fall in LOVE with this series!!! Each book follows a different tattoo artist (they all work in the same tattoo parlor) and the friendships/banter/teasing in these books will have you addicted so fast you will not know what to do with yourselves. I honestly wish I had read these books so much sooner – I love love them! So far I’ve only read Rule and Jet so far but I cannot wait to read the rest of these series – I am addicted!!

Maiden Lane series by Elizabeth Hoyt

I love everything about this series. This just might be one of my favorite historical romance series of all time. The series totals 12 books and I think I have read 7 of them so far. Each story follows a different couple but they are all interconnected in some way, shape, or form. You don’t have to read this series in order (thank god because I have not been doing that) and must say if you are looking for some serious binging material – than these books are for you. So good I love her writing and how unique/ quirky her plot lines are!!

On Dublin Street series by Samantha Young 

Another amazing series that I have just recently discovered!! The writing and story telling in these books is SO good!! Honestly you feel like you are reading about real people and real lives the characters are that fleshed out. Not to mention these books take place in Scotland which I really love and One Dublin Street just might be one of my favorite books of all time (Braden Carmicheal has every piece of my heart). Right now I’m reading Down London Road and I cannot wait to spend all my time (and money) consuming the rest of the books in this series!!! SO good!


Sinners of Saint by LJ Shen 

Behold my favorite series of all time. LJ Shen is my favorite author of all time and these are the books that got me hooked. Some of the most unique, poetic writing I have ever read. The most unique in every sense of the way (from the sense of humor of her characters to the broken way they love one another). While I have yet to get to Scandalous (I’m kicking myself right now as I write this) I have reread the other books in these series too many times to count. My favorites!!! Please PLEASE read! 

What about you all? Have you read any of the series above? Read any binge worthy series? Drop you recs in the comments below!


Hello hello hello there! How are we doing my lovely reading peeps? How was your march?? 

If your anything like me your wondering just where did all the time go?? Honestly how is it already April?! 

Thankfully I can say last month was a total reading success! While I did read less books last month (a whopping total of 8 fabulous reads) I’m pleased to say the quality quite outranked the quantity…. because this month I was BLESSED by the bookish gods.

Seriously the book angels reached down and kissed me on the hand because the sheer books I read this month were nothing short of PERFECTION *chefs kiss* *chefs kiss*

On to the books!!!!

What I read this month:

Tattered Stars by Catherine Cowles – 4 stars

This was such a good small town romance!!! I was not expecting to swoon this hard reading this!! The protectiveness in this book had my HEART melting like an ice cube left in the sun. I also loved the family members in the book and the family dynamics were cupcake level sweet and coffee level strong – so good!! I am wholly invested in this WHOLESOMENESS and need the next book!! 

Pucked Off by Helena Hunting – 5 stars – 

I LOVED THIS BOOK! The romance was so great in this! I loved how Poppy was a sports massage therapist and how her and Lance had a past when they were children. I honestly was not expecting this romance to be as sweet as it was! Lance treated poppy like she was a treasure and I adored the way they cared for one another in this!!! One of my favorite in the series so far!

Lord of Darkness by Elizabeth Hoyt – 3 stars

This one was a bit of a let down for me. I love Elizabeth Hoyt and I love her writing but this book just kind of felt like a reiteration of some of the other books in this series that I’ve read from her. The chemistry between the characters was great but I felt like I was zoning out during some of the plot bits. Still love this series though and I plan to continue reading it! 

The Soulmate by Sally Hepworth – 5 stars – 

AHHHH THIS BOOK WAS AN AMAZING TWISTY MESS AND I LOVED IT!! Its been awhile since I’ve read a thriller and this one did not disappoint. This book follows two broken marriages, flashbacks from the past, and broken family dynamic – plus throw in a cliff thats a local known suicide point and color me intrigued. The slow suspense in this was like a threadbare napkin unraveling and you just couldn’t help but pick at the threads until the whole thing came apart in your lap. So, SO good I could not stop reading this! Highly recommend if your a thriller fan! 

Heartless by Elsie Silver – 5 stars

OMG THIS BOOK HAS MY HEART!!!! I ADORED ADORED ADORED Cade!!!! The banter in this actually had me in stitches and not to mention this book was a spicy little snack I could not help devouring. I loved how caring Cade was towards his son and the bff/family interactions throughout! I’m obsessed with this series now and need all the other books ASAP. 

It Starts With Us by Colleen Hoover – 5 stars – 

I surprisingly really liked this follow up to It Ends With Us. I felt like it was much lighter and while they’re wasn’t as much plot or things happening in this book I loved getting to know Atlas a little bit more in this. Plus the way he treated Lily was GOLDEN and I loved every interaction they had with one another. Super cute, super fast read! Kinda like an extended epilogue – but in the best way! 


The Damaged by Tijan – 5 stars

Ok full disclosure I did not remember a single. thing. from the first book. (which rarely happens to me if ever) that being said I kinda picked up this book on a whim and boy am I glad I did because this book was FANTASTIC. Like oh my god I was completely immersed and invested and pulled into this story like no other. First off Kash and Bailey have my whole entire scarred heart – because the absolute LOVE and power the two of them have over one another is addicting to consume. Not to mention the incredible depression/grief scenes in this had me aching and relating all at the same time. Super unique plot line, very fleshed out characters, and an underlying element of suspense that had me flipping pages like there was no tomorrow – fantastic, fantastic book!

The Revenge by Tijan – 5 stars – 

After that cliff hanger you bet your butt I was ordering the final book ASAP. And thank god this one did not disappoint. If anything Kash and Baileys love for one another got even stronger and the family issues in this had me frustrated and tearing out my hair to no end!!! One of my favorite book couples I love love this series!!! 

What about you all? Read any of the books above? Read anything amazing this month? Lets chat in the comments below!