First of all let me just say it is SO good to be back to this blog and writing again!!!

I think it’s been about a year since my last post here on the blog and I have missed it dearly *sobs*. 

Between school kicking my butt, moving into a new house, and juggling five new roommates for the past year its safe to say I’ve been BUSY (and have been using books as a coping mechanism because – duh) but since its – SPRING BREAK – I have finally managed to squirrel away some time for this lovely blog of mine – thank goodness!!!

Anyways, anyways, enough about me and on to BOOK CHATTER!!!


Now you know we all LIVE for a book that has that perfect chemistry between two characters.

The angst. The want. The stolen-heart-stopping-glances-from-across-the-room…. I eat that stuff up like its candy as I’m sure you do too fellow book flowers *snaps*. 

That being said this list was CAKE to come up with because there are simply so many lovely, sugar coated, sparkly books out there that have the tendency to make my heart physically hurt with its brilliant amazing BANTER!!!!

Here are just a few recent reads that come to mind when it comes to the BEST BANTER EVER


People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

THIS BOOK. THIS BOOK Y’ALL. Omg. So. Flipping. Good. Like I had never really been one for friends to lovers stories (always thought they were a little boring – my bad) but THIS ONE IS THE EXCEPTION. I love, love, loved these characters to death and the traveling and angst in this was everything!!! Hands down a five star read and not to mention the BANTER in this – yup you got it – PERFECTION. 

Wait for You by J. Lynn

This is such a great solid college romance. Like my exceptions were decent going in since I am a big Jennifer Armentrout fan, but omg what I did not expect was the perfect flirting in this book!! Let me tell you Cam will have you laughing and swooning and the way he is so patient and understanding with Avery – ughhhhhh!!! So. Good. 

The Mistake by Elle Kennedy 

This is such a fun, cute, and light hockey romance series but I got to say Logan takes the cake when it comes to flirting. The BANTER in this one – SO. MUCH. FREAKIN. FUN. Please read this series if you haven’t already. (and if you like to skip books like me start w this one you won’t be disappointed 😉 )

Bound by Hatred by Cora Reilly 

ALRIGHT…. sooooo if you like a little hate thrown in with your banter…. then this book is 100% for you. OMG the level of fighting and straight up tension in this book is CRAZY but the back and forth word play between the two will have you swooning and routing for the two crazy heads before you even know what your conscious is thinking haha! (also rec this whole series it is FAB!) 

The Royals Next Door by Karina Halle

For a bit of a lighter more rom-com esc type of banter The Royals Next Door is 100% the read for you! This book was soooo cute and the back and forth between her and the royals swoony body guard is to DIE FOR!!! Loved this book and still get butterflies when I think about it! I also think I read this one in two days so thats always a good sign haha!


These are all some of my newer reads (so not my all time all time fav banter couples 😉 ) but the ones that have recently melted my heart with cute interactions as well as made me nearly COMBUST from all the tension between the two!! Please let me know if you’ve read any of the above in the comments below and/or your fav banter book!